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Improve your cashflow with Team Factors -  same day payment on your outstanding invoices

1 Send us your invoice

As well as invoicing your clients, send a copy to us.

2 We pay 90% immediately

We process the invoices and send you up to 90% as an advance.

3 When paid, you get the remainder

When we receive the payment, we release the remaining amount that's due.

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Who are Team Factors?

Team Factors Ltd have over 30 years collective experience providing Start-Ups, Owner Managed Businesses (OMB's) and Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's) with tailored cash flow solutions through invoice finance.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance bridges the gap between invoicing your clients and you receiving the payment.  Some of your clients may operate 30, 60 or 90 day payment terms, which can have a significant effect on the cash flow of your business.  Team Factors will pay you up to 90% of your outstanding invoice value, giving you a much needed cash injection into your business.  We then take on your supplier invoices, chasing the outstanding payments from your suppliers.  Once we receive the the invoice payments, the remainder of the invoice balance paid back to you, minus our small handling fee. 

We provide all types of businesses with a bespoke financial solution from a cash injection via invoice factoring, as well as the option of client/supplier invoicing and credit control right through to payment of workers and submission of PAYE. 

These services are crucial to businesses and start ups across a variety of sectors and industries. 

For further information on how Team Factors can help your business thrive please contact us.

Why use Team Factors?

  • Fast, Flexible, Personal Service
  • We are dedicated to helping businesses grow and thrive
  • Immediate injection of cash flow into your business
  • Reduce stress and help improve the reputation of your business by allowing you to pay your creditors in a timely fashion
  • Allows you to take advantage of any early payment discounts offered by your suppliers
  • Smoother cash flow and easier budgeting

Instantly improve your cash flow

The demand for cash flow finance from small and start up businesses, such as recruitment agencies has grown significantly. Team Factors can ensure finance is not a stumbling block to success.

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