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Invoice Factoring Service

  • Factoring enables you to get paid when you raise your client invoices.  Regardless of when your clients pay you, Team Factors will pay you once your client invoices are raised. Effectively, factoring accelerates cash flow into your business.  Immediately, upon receipt of your invoice(s), we will advance up to 90% of the total value that day (including VAT) via a BACS payment into your business account.
  • No more waiting for customers to pay you.  
    Team Factors will advance you up to 90% of the funds immediately upon presentation of your invoices to us, thereby removing the stress of 30, 60 or 90 day payment terms from your client.

  • Unpaid invoices not only affect your cash flow but can affect productivity.
    Businesses that have to spend time chasing payments could increase their efficiency by outsourcing this function.  An ideal cash flow finance solution is invoice finance, also referred to as factoring, which gives you immediate payment against your sales ledger, as well as a comprehensive credit control function.  
  • Debtor protection
    Feel confident and secure in the knowledge Team factors can offer protection to indemnify you against bad debt. 

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Benefits of Invoice Finance with us

Unique Personal BACS Account

Some factoring companies process all payments from their clients’ customers in a single BACS account. This can mean increased administration for the factoring company, and consequential delays and errors in the client receiving funds.

As part of our dedication to delivering a simple and efficient service, we provide clients with their own BACS account for payments as well as an online service, for fast and accurate allocation of funds.

Managing Your Account

All of our clients are able to track their customer payment activity and ledgers in real-time, as well as the ability to access historical reports on customer activity.

Our clients can also upload invoices and other relevant details for our immediate attention.  Clients can also view the following:

  • All cash allocation transactions
  • Customer details and credit limits
  • Money banked that day
  • Debtor age analysis
  • Real-time cash availibility
How it works

1. Stage 1

As well as invoicing your clients, send a copy to us.

How it works

2. Stage 2

We process the invoices and send you up to 90% as an advance.

How it works

3. Stage 3

We invoice your client.

How it works

4. Stage 4

Your client makes payment to us.

How it works

5. Stage 5

We release the remaining payment to you.

Bespoke, flexible and stable cash flow for business

We understand the importance of continued cash flow for businesses, and that obtaining bank loans may not be a feasible route. Team Factors offers the ideal solution to help your business thrive.

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